On stage of Darjeeling Rising Star.

                                                               Samir Biswakarma rank 2nd place in Darjeeling Rising Star.

                                                               Avastha Thapa rank 3rd place in Darjeeling Rising Star.   


Samir & Avastha with Choreographer Nipen Chettri.

NiPRO school of dance is proud of these young and talented students whose perseverance and dedication has got them this far to showcase their talent.Being a proprietor/instructor of NiPRO, I am very happy to see my student Samir Biswakarma & Avastha Thapa grow,who has turned to be a good dancer & a performer.They had participated in Darjeeling Rising star & ranked 2nd & 3rd yesterday.(Hearty congratulation to the winner Never give up crew). I just want to take this opportunity to thank their parents for their continuous support & all the students of NiPRO.
Your endless support and willingness to be there for us never goes over looked and is always appreciated.
As i always says “Luck is where preparation meets opportunity”.
Still long way to go ,just a beginning.😊😊😊
Your’s Sincerely Nipen Chettri (NiPRO)


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